Trevor MacGregor

Music And Sound Design

Wwise/Unreal Engine 4 Implementation Demo

This demo was created by removing and replacing all of the audio for the Unreal Engine 4 ShooterGame. The new audio was integrated with Wwise and the Unreal Engine Editor.

- footsteps and foley were recorded and edited in Pro Tools. Left and right steps for each surface were exported and then imported into Wwise. Sequence Containers were then placed in a Switch Container. UE4 AnimNotify Events trigger the Wwise events.

- weapons were created in Cubase using various layers and implemented through the UE4 editor.

-explosions were multi-layered and were created as procedural sound cues in UE4.

-ambient cues were created in Cubase and implemented through Wwise using Blend and Random Containers.

Emily Haines And The Soft Skeleton - "Dr. Blind" Video Sound Design

I recorded foley and used various sound libraries to create the sound design for this Emily Haines video.

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